Instagram and Facebook Errors and Recommendations

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The most common publishing errors are listed here, with advised steps that you can take for each error.

Facebook error: (#32) Page request limit reached (code 32, subcode null)

What to do?
We are unable to post or sync new comments on this profile because the API call limit has been met. The API call limit is determined by the number of daily active persons (DAP) on your page, the higher the DAP, the higher the rate limit. Instagram/Facebook locks the profile as soon as the threshold is met, and the only way to get this fixed is to wait for the profile to be unlocked by the platform itself.

Facebook error: The aspect ratio is not supported. (code 36003, subcode 2207009)

What to do?

The recommended aspect ratio for images is between 4:5 and 1.91:1. Crop the photo and try to republish it.

Facebook error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later. (code 2, subcode null) (5 retries)

What to do?

There is limited information available on this error. We can only suggest retrying publishing the same content at a later time.

Facebook error: Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons. (code 190, subcode 460)

What to do?

Simply re-authenticate your account. Here is a guide that should help you out:

Facebook error: The image format is not supported. (code 36001, subcode 2207005)

What to do?

There might be a problem with your image resolution. The maximum resolution allowed on Instagram is 1920×1080. You should resize the image and try publishing it once more

Facebook error: Fatal (code -1, subcode 2207001)

What to do?

When Instagram’s anti-spam feature is activated, this error is displayed. Instagram is unable to comment on the actual cause of the problem or how to avoid it (there are no further details along with the error message). Instagram withholds the information on purpose to prevent others from evading or finding workarounds with their system. Our advice is to make changes to the post, such as changing the caption, changing the photo (if applicable), and republishing it.

Received Facebook error response of type OAuthException: (#10) The user is not an Instagram Business (code 10, subcode null)

What to do?

Users usually see this when their IG account is a creator account and not a business/professional account. The API offered by Instagram currently does not support publishing directly to the creator and personal account.

Check out the first half of this guide to learn how you can switch to a Professional account on Instagram:

Meta upload unknown error (code “-1”, subcode “2207053”)

What to do?

An unknown error occurred while uploading. To fix it, generate new content and try again. This error usually only affects the import of videos.

Facebook error: (#10) Application does not have permission for this action (code 10, subcode null)

What to do?

Case 1: Try to Re-authenticate your account.

Case 2: Make sure that your IG account is connected to a Facebook page and that you’re an admin of that Facebook page. Perform both checks listed in this guide:

Case 3: It is possible that you have 2-factor authentication activated for your Facebook profile or Facebook page, but not both. Please activate 2FA at both ends to resolve the error.

Case 4: There was an update in the account credentials (ID/Password). Please re-authenticate your account to resolve the error.

Facebook error: Invalid user id (code 110, subcode 2207018) errorUserTitle=Cannot load user with a private account or invalid username, errorUserMessage=The following user(s) cannot be accessed: {username}

What to do?

You’re seeing this error because the username you attempted to tag is invalid. Please double-check your post and its tagged user(s) for any typos or other errors.

Facebook error: User access is restricted (code 25, subcode 2207050) ‘User is unavailable – The Instagram account is either inactive or restricted.’

What to do?

Instagram has restricted the concerned account. This usually happens when the account violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. You will need to log in to the concerned account in the Instagram app and follow on-screen instructions to re-enable your account

Facebook error: Media ID is not available (code 9007, subcode 2207027) ‘Cannot Publish – The media is not ready for publishing, please wait for a moment’ errorUserTitle=Cannot Publish, errorUserMessage=The media is not ready for publishing, please wait for a moment.’

What to do?

Our systems are set up to automatically retry the posting process if an Instagram API error answer is received. The next attempt is usually successful. If your post is not published successfully after numerous attempts, please check your video/image file; it may not be qualified for publishing after all due to the wrong resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio, or other factors. All of the image and video specifications may be found here.

Facebook error: You reached the maximum number of posts that are allowed to be published by Content Publishing API. (code 9, subcode 2207042)

What to do?

Your account can only publish a maximum of 25 posts in a 24-hour period using Instagram Content Publishing. Please wait before publishing anything more.

Facebook error: Application request limit reached (code 4, subcode 2207051) ‘action is blocked – We restrict certain activity to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.’

What to do?

Instagram labeled the content spam. They say, “The publishing action is suspected to be spam. We restrict certain activities to protect our community. Let us know if you can determine that the publishing actions are not spam.” To solve the issue, we recommend contacting Instagram directly.

Facebook Error: Please Reduce The Amount Of Data You’re Asking For, Then Retry Your Request

If you receive an error message that states, ‘Please reduce the amount of data you are asking for, then retry your request.’

The above error message is a known Facebook API bug generated directly by them. This bug affects many parts of their API, and as per their statement, it is caused due to their servers running out of memory.
Possible Reason for Error
The problem may occur when a Page mention is included in your post.

Case 1: Oftentimes, the post is published successfully to your Facebook Page even though the Queue may show the post failed. We would suggest you check your Facebook Page to see if the post was published or not and then take action accordingly.

Case 2: If retrying the post continuously fails on Facebook, it’s because the API is not allowing you to publish the post with the mention included. We would suggest trying posting natively on, or you can schedule your post and add the mention/tag by hand afterward.

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