Social Champ’s Engage Feature: Elevate Your Social Media Conversations

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Hello Champs! Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to leverage Social Champ’s Engage feature to elevate your social media engagement

Let’s get started. 😊

  1. First, log in, and you will be directed to our main dashboard. Click the Engage icon on the left pane.
  2. Select or search any of your added profiles, and you will see all the comments, messages, and reviews in one place.
  3. You can filter out between the comments, conversations, Reviews, and Ad comments. Selecting Comments will only show all the comments, and you can respond to them easily.
  4. You can also save your frequently given replies as ”Saved Replies”.
    On the top right corner is a Setting in our Engage feature. By clicking it, you will see a Replies option.
  5. Now click on the Replies option you will land on the Save Replies page and to set up your saved replies, just click on ADD SAVED REPLY button.
  6. From Saved Replies, you can save your pre-written messages that will help you to respond faster in a quick time.
  7. From the bottom of the message and comment, you can also mark it as read and even assign it to a team member.
  8. You can also filter out the posts on the basis of Unread, Read, Assign, and All.

  9. More filters can be applied to see the assigned message for specific team members.
  10. Furthermore, you can also search for the keyword among your messages, comments, etc.

Great! Now you know how Engage Feature works. 🤩


  1. What is Social Champ?
    Social Champ is a social media management tool to conquer all digital platforms. An innovative solution that helps you intelligently publish your content to maximize exposure.
  2. What pricing plans does Social Champ offer?
    Social Champ offers Four pricing plans: Professional Plan, Champion Plan, Business Plan, and Agency Plan.
  3. Which social media networks are integrated with Social Champ?
    Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages), Instagram (Reminders & Business), Pinterest, and Google My Business.
  4. Does Social Champ offer Lifetime Deals?
    Social Champ occasionally offers Lifetime Deals. Our current offers can be viewed here or for any more information contact us.
  5. How can a Social Champ account be deleted?
    Connect with our customer support for any issues or from Social Champ’s account settings, an account can be deleted.
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